1. B-Sides

    Jul 10, 2009 by

    To shorten the wait until our next album, we'll be releasing a couple of remixes and other B-side tracks. First on the list is a remix of Strange, as well as a brand new instrumental track called “Flight”.

    This collection—titled “Out Of My Mind”—is a work in progress, and we'll be uploading tracks as they're ready. The first two are currently available for streaming from and SoundCloud (embedded below). We aren't providing public free downloads at this point, except to subscribers of our mailing list on ReverbNation. So if you'd like to download this or any of the upcoming tracks from the collection, you can simply sign up to the list. We promise we won't spam you.

    Oh, and if you'd be interested in contributing a remix, please !

  2. Accepting Donations

    Mar 16, 2009 by

    We've finally gotten around to adding basic integration with PayPal to be able to accept donations.

    So if you enjoy our music, and would like to support us, we'd be very grateful if you considered donating a small amount to help us continue creating music in the future. Thanks!

  3. Higher Quality Downloads

    Feb 25, 2009 by

    Up until today, we were only providing medium quality (128 kbps MP3) downloads of our music for free. We did that so that purchasing from a digital music store (such as iTunes) would provide added value, in that you would get a higher-quality encoding. We have decided to remove that distinction, and now provide free high quality downloads in different formats.

    In addition to the higher quality encoding, we've also enhanced the meta data in the files, so that you now get the embedded artwork displayed across more music players, for example. We're also including all the lyrics directly in the files. We're also looking into adding Ogg Vorbis versions.

    So now the only reason to actually spend money on our music would be to support us. Not only do we get a good slice of the money you spend on the purchase, it also helps us become more visible in the stores. So we'd be really grateful if you purchased our stuff in one of the stores even though we're giving the music away for free.

    We'll also be setting up a donation system for those who would like to support us financially without making a detour to a music store.

  4. All Around the Web

    Nov 10, 2008 by

    In our humble attempt to get the word out about Pea Sized, we've registered with a number of music and social networking sites on the web. If you're a member of any of the following sites, or interested in joining, check out our respective pages:

    (For what it's worth, I strongly recommend It's a great site that can really enrich the way you listen to and discover music.)

    Trying to reach potential fans using only this kind of minimalist “marketing” over the web is awfully hard. You can help us by going to those sites and adding Pea Sized as a friend, becoming a fan, leaving a comment, and so on.

    And by the way, we're aware that Pea Sized needs to go out and perform live ;) . We're working on it, and will keep you posted.

  5. MP3 Downloads and Stores

    Oct 17, 2008 by

    We've made a lot of progress with making “In My Mind” available for download and purchase.

    First, you can of course download all the songs for free directly from our album page, as MP3 files at 128kbps.

    Second, if you'd like a higher-quality encoding of the songs, or you'd like to support Pea Sized, you can also purchase the album or individual tracks at several online music stores: iTunes, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Amie Street, and Rhapsody. All of these sell 256kbs MP3 or AAC files at varying prices, unencumbered by DRM protection. Amie Street currently has the lowest prices, as the main idea behind that store is that popularity determines the price, and, well, few people know Pea Sized at this point. Unfortunately, Amazon MP3 and Amie Street only make the album available in the US right now.

    In any case, if you're not opposed to spending a bit of money on our music, we'd be grateful if you purchased the album at one of the above stores. And while you're at it, why not rate the songs and maybe write a little review. Otherwise, enjoy the free downloads and simply help spread the word to your friends! Thanks.

  6. “In My Mind” Finished!

    Sep 02, 2008 by

    We're proud to have finished our first album, called “In My Mind”. Still working on getting all the infrastructure into place so that you can get it, which includes this site.

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