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Feb 25, 2009 by

Up until today, we were only providing medium quality (128 kbps MP3) downloads of our music for free. We did that so that purchasing from a digital music store (such as iTunes) would provide added value, in that you would get a higher-quality encoding. We have decided to remove that distinction, and now provide free high quality downloads in different formats.

In addition to the higher quality encoding, we've also enhanced the meta data in the files, so that you now get the embedded artwork displayed across more music players, for example. We're also including all the lyrics directly in the files. We're also looking into adding Ogg Vorbis versions.

So now the only reason to actually spend money on our music would be to support us. Not only do we get a good slice of the money you spend on the purchase, it also helps us become more visible in the stores. So we'd be really grateful if you purchased our stuff in one of the stores even though we're giving the music away for free.

We'll also be setting up a donation system for those who would like to support us financially without making a detour to a music store.

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