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In My Mind
Loving and breathing, 
comparing and sharing, 
caring and losing, 
calling and using, 
pushing and warning, 
hearing, learning... fearing.

Perfection, beauty, 
money, power. 
Obsession, envy. 
Enlightment and shopping. 
Wonders and nightmares. 
War, compassion. 
Boredom and sadness, 
jealousy and wisdom.

Play it! Become it. 
Play it! Become it. 
You and me, the sun and... the moon.

Oppositions collapsing. 
Slowly it breaks your neck. 
Do you hear your cracking bones, 
ideas exploding? 
As the world is dissolving in front of you.

Do you think we still exist, 
now that everything has stopped? 
Like pills in water, wood on fire. 
Like phantoms of unfulfilled desire.

Is there something that is gonna be revealed? 
And will you be there? 
Will you be with me when death comes about?

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