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In My Mind
How far can I go? 
How much doubt can I bear? 
And what comes out if I put down one brick after the other? 
What's the name of this building, 
what does it stand for?

I stick to the things I believe. 
There's no way down to the root of the tree. 
And every method of deconstruction turns out to have failed. 
Right from the start. 
Right from the start.

But I can't stop looking for all those lies. 
I'll keep hunting the wolfs at night. 
Layer after layer I pull them off, 
these thousand skins. 
Although each time I lose even more of my trust within.

I walked down many roads. 
The loud and silent ones. 
Poisoned myself to get high. 
Heaven and hell, 
that's where I've been. 
I've done everything to fly. 
Lost my wings deep down, 
and found them again, 
in my mind.

Never satisfied with what I am. 
I have to go on. 
Further down the hill and up again. 
In my mind, in my mind, in my mind.

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